Leaf/Brush Disposal

Leaf Disposal

Fall is that time of the year when plant foliage becomes a visual spectacle, displaying vibrant shades of orange, yellow, purple, and brown! However, when the leaves start falling, lawn care turns into a dreadful chore. We know that lawn owners in Springfield and other cities in Pennsylvania are faced with the arduous task of removing fallen leaves and twigs from their yards.

Raking leaves and gathering them into a pile is already hard enough, but the job doesn’t end there. Then you have the task of bagging and disposing of leaves. And when it comes to leaf removal and leaf disposal, you can’t procrastinate. When not removed immediately, leaves can damage your lawn. Letting leaves sit can stress the grass and cause you to reseed your turf in the spring. Wet leaves can also become a breeding ground of mosquitoes and other insects.

Leaf Disposal

After you have bundled all the leaves together, there is often the question of ‘what do I do with all of this’? At A-Jon Supply we offer you a place to dump your leaves and garden debris, hassle free. It’s good to know that all that hard work won’t go to waste by not having anywhere to dump your leaves. Contact us today to discuss our leaf disposal service!

We Provide Services to the Following:
  • Delaware County
  • Chester and Southern Chester Counties
  • Montgomery County