Recycled Products

A-Jon Supply is a family-owned company that is concerned about the environment and how it can be kept as healthy as possible for the generations to come. That is why turning waste materials into recycled products is a major concern for us, and we have made sure we have the facilities to fulfill this direction.

Blacktop or Asphalt Recycling

Today, there is a constant and inescapable need for asphalt to build and repair roads and highways, and this product is often used even in residences for family driveways. Blacktop or asphalt is one of the most highly recyclable materials in the world, and as part of our commitment to conducting an eco-friendly business, we at A-Jon Supply consider recycled blacktop or asphalt as one of our important products. We have the equipment to reclaim, pulverize, shape, and grade asphalt into a durable base for specific construction purposes.

Recycled Products

If you need asphalt and you welcome the chance to obtain this product for the least cost, call us. Our helpful and knowledgeable staff will assist you in processing your order for recycled products. We can deliver recycled asphalt in the amounts needed for modest residential projects.

Concrete Recycling

Concrete recycling offers a less destructive method of disposing of concrete structures. Instead of being brought to landfills, the rubble from these demolished structures can now be put to very good use. Here in A-Jon Supply, these waste materials are processed through a crushing machine and sorted for utilization for various purposes.

From the once useless rubble, A-Jon Supply is able to provide you with recycled products that you can use as gravel for construction projects or base layer in road building. For residential driveways, a few inches of graded and compacted crushed concrete will provide a satisfactorily sturdy base.

Depending on your requirements, we can also provide you with a 50/50 mixture of blacktop and concrete recycled products.

Recycled Products

Recycled Mulch

Mulch has several practical uses. It conserves soil moisture and prevents weeds from sprouting in gardens. In community parks and playgrounds, mulch allows children to play safely on swing and slide sets. In addition to giving children a good ground cushion for rough games, mulch can also be used for aesthetic effect. Many gardeners and landscape artists now treat mulch as beautification material.

At A-Jon Supply, our recycling facility converts waste materials from tree cuttings, plants into mulch and other useful products. Visit us or call us at (610) 328-7128 so that our staff can talk to you about our available mulch from recycled products.

How We Conduct Business

Contractors in Pennsylvania know that we can be depended on to deliver recycled products they need for their projects. They also know we will do this in a timely manner. But our work ethic does not only cover commercial contractors who order in bulk. No matter what the volume of your order, you will receive the same quality service from us. Call us at (610) 328-7128 and get to know what we mean when we say our people make the difference.

We Provide Services to the Following:
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