Sweeper/Vacuum Truck Rental

Truck Rentals

A-Jon Supply has been a respected supplier of various construction supplies and services for more than four decades. Our satisfied clients are a mix of commercial contractors, real estate developers, and private property owners. All of them share one thing in common: they all need efficient and reliable services that will support them in their projects.

One of the services we offer our clients in Springfield and Chester is the rental of various trucks. In today’s economy, more and more businesses are opting to rent rather than buy expensive equipment. This strategy allows companies to free up capital, which they can then invest in whatever will bring faster returns without the burden of maintenance.

At A-Jon Supply, we have a fleet of trucks that can be used for various construction-related tasks. For our own deliveries, we have a large fleet of trucks, ranging from small 1 1/2-yard trucks to 3 1/2-yard trucks. We also rent out dump trucks to contractors and property owners. In addition to this, we provide sweeper/vacuum truck rentals for clients who accept cleaning contracts or need to clean up after their various projects.

Sweeping Needs

Because A-Jon Supply is a family-owned company, we take the welfare of our clients very seriously. That’s why we make it a point to give our clients the best service possible from our staff. We make sure that you are able to do your sweeping or construction clean-up without any hitches. How do we do this? We see to it that our sweeper/vacuum trucks remain in top condition. To achieve this, we strictly impose daily maintenance checks and conscientiously follow a preventive maintenance schedule.

With our sweeper/vacuum truck rentals, you will get equipment that has the capacity to collect small debris particles according to the strictest industry standards. This means you will be able to confidently perform clean-up contracts, and when you tell your customers the job has been completed, they will see that it has been well done in every sense of the word. Our sweeper vacuum can help you do the following jobs with the greatest efficiency:

  • Removal of road debris
  • Removal of millings, sand, leaves, and dirt
  • Parking lot cleaning

You can do any sweeping job well with our high-productivity litter vacuums. A-Jon Supply will provide you with what you need to finish your work faster and more efficiently.

Reliable Sweeper/Vacuum Truck Rentals

When you avail of our sweeper/vacuum truck rentals, you not only get the trucks you need -- you also get personalized service from our knowledgeable staff.

If you are looking for a company that can provide reliable sweeper/vacuum truck rentals, call us at (610) 328-7128. Better yet, visit our office in Springfield, and see what we mean by customer service.

We Provide Services to the Following:
  • Delaware County
  • Chester and Southern Chester Counties
  • Montgomery County