Top Soil

Top Soil

Topsoil covers the uppermost part of your lawn which extends up to 12 inches below the ground. As such, it is prone to erosion and may result in lost minerals and nutrients needed by plants and other vegetation in your property. Moreover, landscaping has a standard ground-level height and uses soil to meet this requirement. These are some of the reasons why landscapers and property owners need this type of soil to improve the topography of their property and maintain the beauty of their lawn.

We at A-Jon Supply know this need very well, so we include topsoil in our list of offered products. We can substantially supply in bags or in bulk all the types of soil for gardening, large-scale landscaping, and construction purposes in various areas in Delaware and Chester Counties.

Premium Topsoil for Various Applications

Topsoil is usually composed of sand, clay, silt, and humus marked with a distinctive texture. It has alkaline and acidity properties and varies in nutrient content and water requirements. This type of soil comes in three grades: premium, general-purpose grade, and economy grade. Here are some of the characteristics of each type to guide you through your order:

  • General-purpose soil mixture (General-purpose grade). This soil makes it easy on the pocket as it does not require the addition of much fertilizer and organic matter as some garden soil. This comes in different screen size grades, which we can provide. Fine grades are used for top dressing of lawns while coarser grades are for turf laying.

  • Economy grade. For large landscaping, this type of soil is your choice. Call our knowledgeable staff for your soil requirements, and you can be assured that the sand and organic matter mixture are properly sourced and would complement your existing ground soil.

We can also provide you unscreened topsoil for use in construction development. It is often used in surface grading near homes, which require the ground to slope for down away from home. This type of soil is often used for this purpose.

Assessing Your Topsoil Requirements

You may find ordering this type of soil confusing for a large project like re-sodding or re-seeding a lawn. Since topsoil is used for layering to bring in the nutrients needed for a healthy plant environment, you should apply only the right amount of soil. A-Jon Supply can also provide natural mulch, which, when placed around plants, would help with keeping the soil in its place.

Go for Quality Products and Efficient Services

A-Jon Supply ensures that what we deliver to you is premium quality products. Call 610-328-1080 for timely and efficient delivery of your topsoil orders. You can also visit us at 531 Eagle Rd Springfield PA, and see our products. For other construction needs -- fill dirt, recycled concrete, and stones -- contact A-Jon Supply.

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